Corporate Client Testimonials

"Tim Cavanagh was a wonderful choice. I honestly think that this year our employees laughed harder than they had before. Not only was Tim funny, but he also kept his act clean (a concern of ours when it comes to comedians), and he involved the audience."

Sarah LaBreche
West Central Coop
Adair, Iowa

"Thank you! Finally, we had a comedian who was funny! We were totally impressed with the way you took information from our website and a 30-minute phone call and turned it into such a customized, seemingly spontaneous performance. "

Joanne Burton
Arthur Rutenberg Homes
Clear Water, Florida

"Nobody does it better!"

Nancy Allen
Chicago, IL

"I would recommend Tim to any other business or professional group as a great entertainer and a true professional."

J.A. Rumburger, Ph.D., M.D.
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

"You did an outstanding job... You spending time with us understanding our business and then weaving that into your material was especially impressive."

Dwayne Ingram
IBM Global Services
Tampa, FL

"Your presentation was excellent. Your humor, songs and quick wit, along with your extensive personalized bits and references, really had everyone laughing and enjoying the session... The put-on with the phony bio and introduction on Market Trends was a great idea, we really surprised them."

Terry Larsen
Fairway Foods, Inc.
Northfield, MN

"You were playing to a very tough audience - all the way from shipping clerks to Ph.D.s, all ages, races and backgrounds. Your show was fabulous! You had everybody with you and roaring from the start... Brilliant!"

Karla Kizzort
London House, Inc.
Chicago, IL

"Your presentation was very enjoyable, entertaining, and...funny! These people are so often in the serious, hard work mode, that it was fun for those of us involved in planning the meeting to see them start their day out from a more lighthearted state of mind."

Margo Liberda
St. Paul, MN

"We are still receiving compliments to this day on the outstanding show you put on. It makes all the planning we do even that much better when we can provide top-notch entertainment and you were certainly that."

Bret Niemuth, CLU, ChFC, MBA
ING Strategic Distribution
Cedar Rapids, IA

"Tim is a super nice guy and very, very funny! We loved having him at our event and would recommend him to any company looking for some fun entertainment."

Rita Simon
Durango Chamber of Commerce
Durango, CO

"His quick wit, attention to the details concerning our company mission and the people who accomplish it, and his great stage personality made him an instant hit."

Thomas M. Walker
Fort Rucker, AL

"We thoroughly enjoyed your performance... In addition to the 'personalized' performance, you were great to work with, very organized and professional. We will recommend you to everyone!"

Terry Moore
National Lime Association
Arlington, VA

"You were a big hit at our Supplier Expo meeting. You've certainly got the knack for not letting us take ourselves too seriously. The belly laughs made it an exhilarating and even therapeutic experience."

Jo Ann Prazak
Institute of Supply Management
Houston, TX

"He was perfect! We particularly enjoyed the customized humor. He made great use of our company information and inside jokes and our group loved it!"

Sandra Stengel
Raynor Garage Doors
Dixon, IL

"You were a tremendous hit and exceeded our expectations. Everyone enjoyed your comedy and interaction with the audience. I was very impressed with your follow up and attitude to find out what our issues were and customize your material around us. It is that personal touch that separates you from other performers."

Tim Orellano
The Society of Human Resource Management, Arkansas Chapter
Little Rock, AR

"Wow! Telecommunications Association of Michigan members belly-laughed as I had never seen before during your comedic presentation at our convention last month... I have never before worked with a presenter, even on serious topics, let alone comedy, who was so thorough in his research. I appreciate that you went to great lengths to gain a very good layman's understanding of the very complex Telecommunications industry. Your jokes, specific to our group, were right on target."

Pamela Shimer
Telecommunications Association of Michigan
Lansing, MI

"Sometimes we have to work very hard to achieve success, and sometimes we let others do the work for us. One of my first assignments with INEOS Acrylics was to find an outstanding speaker/entertainer for the National Commercial Team Meeting. Thank you for making me a success. Everyone said you were the highlight of the meeting".

Marylin Kipley
INEOS Acrylics
Cordova, TN

"You imparted feelings of fellowship and pure joy... What we thought was extra special was your willingness to interview us in advance and learn about our organization, our culture and the individuals that would be in attendance. Then you took the time to develop a performance that was customized to our group. This made your performance extra special and meaningful... 99% of attendees rated you as excellent!"

Cynthia D. Fry
Catholic Health East
Philadelphia, PA

"The way you pulled the audience into your act was so terrific, and I know that everyone had an absolute blast. We were all so impressed with all the prep work you did to customize your comedy just for our group. It was a perfect end to a great evening!"

Rachel H. Reaid
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia