Friends, fans, family, Flava Flav, filanthropists, furriers, fake furriers, firefighters, Foo Fighters, florists, Franciscan Friars, forefathers/fivefathers, Francophiles, Flo…

Why the string of F-words? Because I’m FRUSTRATED! There’s been no live comedy for WAY too long! Ughhh!

But there is a FUTURE! Below are some dates for upcoming shows. I’m keeping my fingers crossed AND CLEAN, as instructed by Dr. Fauci. I’ve started to wonder if “Fauci” is the Italian word for “faucet.” That would explain why he’s telling us to wash our hands all the time. His family probably gets a kickback from one of the big faucet cartels every time we do. (Hmmm…starting a conspiracy theory is easier than I thought!)

Stay healthy and safe! Hope to see you soon!

Tim in a Club
Look! He blends into the background!